Feel overwhelmed when thinking of Eldercare Planning?

but think...."I'm not ready for 'THAT' yet"

You know you need a plan in place, but unsure how to get started?

and hear from loved ones.... "I just want to stay in my Home, forever"

Does the entire concept of Aging and creating a "PLAN" for that stage of life- make you cringe or experience fear?


If you have found yourself either fearful or overwhelmed with the Eldercare space- but realize the importance of being prepared and having a plan- This CARECourse, is for you!

During our time together in this course, we will break down the barriers surrounding the senior living options and solutions available to older adults and set you up to navigate your own journey- with ease. See you there!

I'm Christie, and I'll be your Guide!

Hi CAREcrew! I wanted to provide a little background on my experience and journey thus far within the Senior Eldercare space. I’ve represented community style living since 2012 and have helped over 4,400 families navigate this process. In that, I’ve found countless commonalities and reoccurring themes- and believe there’s a better way to approach this phase of life rather than waiting until a crisis-related decision must be made. CBC’s mission is to equip you and your family with the foundation of knowledge, setting you up to confidently navigate this process and know what your options/resources are- well in advance. ✨

This course is designed to help YOU (and your Older Loved Ones) remove any barriers you may have surrounding Eldercare that are stopping you from getting started on devising a plan for your own CARE needs.

In just 30 minutes we will tackle 4 areas that can sometimes trip folks up, resulting in no further action being taken until a crisis arises. Once you are finished with this course, you will be able to get started with ease- today!


Top 10 Questions to Ask yourself or Loved One, if nothing else- that can start your plan for Eldercare!

Overview of CARE options available

5 Home Modifications to create a Safer Environment.

2 Ways to Pay, you maybe didn't know were available!